Cabbage Plant = hope for a better life

You know those movies where kids live in some small town and their only hope for a future is to "miraculously" get into college?

Meet Porter's ticket out of the ghetto.

This school-issued-plant could win him a $1000 scholarship if it is the biggest in the state come fall.

He treats it like this is his one chance at an education.  One chance at a future.

He keeps his ear to the ground about how to take care of plants.  So far he has sprinkled it with ash and Miracle Grow.  And it gets 1/2 cup of water - when he remembers to water it.  Warrick tried to get him to throw a banana peel in there as compost.  I stepped in and explained the composting process a bit - close call.  I did give a bit of my own advice and suggested that he start talking to it, but even Porter thought that was a bit much.  (For the record, if he doesn't win, it's not my fault. Everyone knows that verbally validating the plant is nothing short of miraculous.)

He moves it around our backyard to get optimal sun and brings it in when there is a threat of a frost.

Here it sits safe from the hail storm we had last night.


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