Triassic Triops

This picture may not look like much,
but right now Warrick's every thought revolves around it.
It is a kit from Hobby Lobby of Triassic Triops.
They start as eggs.
Hatch into teeny tiny swimming things.
I mean these things are teeny.  
You have to stare at the water and practically cross your eyes to see them.
And then they grow into something that I can explain only by using the word cockroach.
Think swimming cockroaches.
I know.  What kind of mom...?

Glenn and Warrick set up a lamp, as you can see.  
During the day, I'm in charge of making sure the temperature stays between 74 and 78 degrees.
It's an honor.

Last Saturday,
Glenn took the boys to the store to find projects that they could work on together.
It was interesting to see what they chose and yet explained them all so well.

Christian got a model jet and a model boat.
Porter got a catapult with moving parts and levers.
Warrick stuck with living things like the Triops and a Venus Fly Trap grown from seeds.
Stafford got a model boat that he broke because he threw it.
Christian had been eyeing Stafford's boat and as Stafford mourned the "ship wreck" with a fit,
Christian took the opportunity to trade Stafford for the jet.
Stafford had been eyeing the jet. 
Win.  Christian.  
Win. Stafford.
Fit stopped instantly.
Win. Mom.
Christian went about repairing the ship.

All was well in the Small World, once again.


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