The last few days

It was field day at school.  I told Warrick to try to keep his cast as dry as possible.  He came home with a trail of water following him, dripping form his cast. 

Just as we were going to bed, Warrick starts whimpering that his arm hurts and that something was in there.  I figured it had something to do with his cast being wet and his skin getting raw.  He was insisting that he needed his cast off.  It was almost 9pm.  Glenn perked up.  He could handle this.
Out came Glenn with a saw that does the same thing as the one they use in the doctor's office.  I thought, "Why in the world do you have a saw like that?"  But regardless of why, it worked and did the job very well.  After getting the cast off, it revealed that not only was Warrick's skin raw at his wrist, but there was a wood chip in it too.

We sent Warrick to the last day of school with is arm in a brace and a sling and hoped he wouldn't break it again for the fourth time.  

6th Grade Graduation
Miss Bird and Christian's buddies Brayden and Macarthur.
Miss Bird was Christian's teacher both last year and this year. 
She really cares and does a great job with the kids.

"I'm on Top of the World"  featuring the musicians, Christian, Macarthur and Daniel.

As soon as school was out, we had pizza and headed to the doctors office to get Warrick's arm checked out.
The first question out of the doctor's mouth was, "How did you get the cast off?"
Pretty nosy, right?

Warrick got a waterproof cast and 10 minutes later we tried out the new splash pad in town.

That night we watched Chasing Mavericks out on our back deck as a family.
(Awesome family movie if you haven't watched it yet.)

The boys had been training for a couple of weeks to run a local race.
Glenn had school, but I decided to not let that dampen any plans.
We waited in the cold for over an hour for the race.
Warrick ran his race and while I was picking him up from the finish line,
Christian came running over to me with panic, "Mom!  We just missed our race!"
I looked over to see his age group running down the path.
It was too late.
So sad.
I just couldn't be in two places at once.
I thought they would announce it.
All dressed up with no race to run.  
Believe me, there were no smiles after we missed it.
To spare my heart the details, that was the start of one of those days.

During our walk on the trails behind our house, we found these flowers out in force.
The last time we were there, there were purple/pink flowers that were blooming.

The irrigation canal was flowing so we each chose our boats to race.

Cool Runnings to finish out the day.

And now summer officially begins!


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