I'm paying taxes for a babysitter, but, well, there are worse things.

Christian and his buddies @ the 6th grade party

There doesn't seem to be much learning going on at school these days.

If I told you that I cared, I'd be lying. 

6 hours of learning - straight - is too much.

Try it sometime. 

It's too much.

I don't mind if they take a break.

I don't mind if they play.

They are babysitting my kids and I'm getting ready,


for summer fun.

When you home school you learn that you can teach them what they learn in school

in so much less time.

I wish the school day was shorter.

I wish the school year was shorter.


since it's not,

I'm okay if they play.

I'm okay if they have a bit more time to be a kid.

They'll be okay.

And if all goes well, in a few years, they'll still get into college.


I enjoyed hearing your perspective Kelly. Love the photo of your boys above with one carrying the other on his back. I hadn't heard of that pioneer story/painting before.

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