The day begins

You hold it together.
You're a mom.
Stresses happen.
Kids argue.
Issues happen at school.
Expectations are not met.
You take each thing - one at a time.
You know your weaknesses.
You pray.
You look for inspiration.
You probe your heart hoping to hear the answers.
And then you jump into the game and you fight.
You fight for your kids.
You fight with your kids.
Your kids fight.
You try.
You become hard on yourself.
You get a dose of perspective.
You become grateful.
And then you go to bed.
As you slumber you hope for grace.  
You hope for forgiveness.
And then you smile, because grace and forgiveness are there for those who try.
You know you try.
And you know that God is God.
And at the end of the day - at the end of a life,
You wipe your tears,
and realize that everything is okay.
It has always been okay.


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