The First Day of School

We started school August 3rd. We kicked off the day by wearing new school clothes and going with Glenn to IHOP for breakfast. When we got home we went to our desks ($1each at the school district warehouse.) and started school.

We're starting school this early in the year because we take a lot of breaks during the year. In the winter, sometimes we just want to go sledding and in the spring, who can sit indoors? Also, my kids are excited about their new curriculum this year and so I thought I would start while the excitement was still there. (Update: that excitement lasted about 1 1/2 days.:)

We are using K12 for Christian's curriculum.

For Porter we are going to use Happy Phonics (A program that focuses on games to learn how to read by Diane Hopkins.) And Math U See for math. I have heard a lot of good things about this math program and I'm excited to try it. I still have not purchased it yet because I'm not sure what level to put him in. I think he could jump to 1st grade math, but I want him to like it so I'm leaning toward doing Kindergarten so that he can breeze through it and feel accomplished and will be on the same level as the kids that are in his grade. He will join Christian for science.

Warrick does workbooks and colors while I teach the others. Often times he can do what Porter does and I just water it down for him.

This is part of Porter's math. There are numbers on each card and he puts and unit cube to match the number.

This is Warrick's version of what Porter did.

All of the boys will participate in enrichment classes each Friday with the homeschool group that I belong to. These are classes that vary from dance and orchestra to health and history. They have good friends in this group and also attend clubs during the week with the same kids.

We are also going to attend a Options Program at a local Charter School on Tuesdays. This is another enrichment program. We will take classes like art, PE, and science lab.

I'm excited for all of these options and opportunities for my boys. Hopefully they will all workout, but if they don't I know I have other options and avenues we can travel.

This fall Christian will also do flag football and soccer and Porter will do soccer too.


The Goulds said…
How do you like homeschooling? I admire you that you can do it!! Zhara starts school Monday & frankly it's just scary the world we are sending them into today. I just wanted your honest opinion on the homeschooling. Do they get enough time with other kids?
Kristie said…
Which charter school is it? Will you tell me more about that?
Kelly said…
Kristie - sure. I can talk faster than I can write so I'll tell you next time I see you.

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