Pioneer Day

We celebrated this day by pulling old fashioned taffy and a BBQ at Granny Day's house. My kids' best friends in the neighborhood are the Day Family. They have two married daughters who give the kids lost of attention when they visit, a 16yo son that has adopted them as the brothers he never had. Also two other girls ages 13 and 9 who are great babysitters. The boys love it there and sometimes go over just to play with their dogs, Copper and Cleo. Anyway, we joined their family for a BBQ at Granny Day's house that is just around the corner. (Gramps was the bishop when Glenn was a boy.) After a great meal, we celebrated with fireworks that the 16 year old started with a blow torch - that was a hit with the boys. Somehow at one point they started dry grass on fire. I'm not sure if it was the 5 year old's idea or the 16 year old. I'm finding they aren't much different as they grow older.

We bought a pre-packaged array of fireworks. I'm certain it was called the Package of Pain. There were not only the loud shrill whistles that make you cover your ear due to the pain of hearing damage, but there were about a million (or so it seemed) of one that is like a strobe light. It is so bright that everyone has to look away due to the pain of eye damage. I kept thinking, "How is this fun?" I'm still not sure, but hurrah for the pioneers and in their honor I now can't hear or see as well as I could before the festivities.

Warrick was so tired that in the middle of the cracks and pops, he curled up on the grass and fell asleep.


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