Home School Campout

The night started out with a dutch oven dinner and then one of the dads told an old indian legend that ended with a chant that started the fire - magically. After roasting marshmellows, the adults visited and the kids played like crazy. These are the same kids that they go to clubs with, park day and Friday Fun Classes so our kids have developed good friendships.

I had been wanting to disect a fish for science and when it came down to it I couldn't get myself to actually touch the thing so Chris Jones did the dirty work for me. I like to look, just not touch. It was pretty cool to see the heart, liver, brains, stomach and contents. Even the eye was pretty cool once the ooze was cleared away.

Porter adopted one of the fish that his friend Dylan caught as his pet. Despite the fact that it was dead, he took it around with him and thought it was a fine idea to put it in a fish tank at home. That one took a little explaining about decomposition.


Kristie said…
porter was so funny with that fish! that was a great time!

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