Let me explain. My friend printed her blog and I loved it. That is the reason I have started to blog more - for my family history. I realize that posts like this only interest me, but it is here so that I can remember the things I think I'll never forget.

This little guy is not a talker, but he says a lot of gibberish. He can understand quite a bit, but can't quite get his ideas into words just yet.

His first word was, "Mmmmm," said the way you say it when something tastes very good. He used it appropriately too.

His second word was, "Uh-uh," meaning no to most people, but that is pretty much how he answers every question. I guess if you're not sure what is being asked then just say no - it's safer that way.

He can say "Hi!" and "Ma!" and likes to use those a lot. "Ma" actually means "help I'm stuck" too.

He also has added "Ba," for bye.

He clapped and waved way before our other kids, but walked later about just after a year old. His first crawl was more like he was dragging his lame leg. I love to see similarities with the kids and also their differences.

My favorites are when I say hold my hand and we are walking together, his hand shoots up in the air without even looking. Glenn asked him where his binkie is and he walked to the couch and started looking in the cushions.


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