Coping Technique

 As you know Glenn travels a lot.
I've learned to make it work.
We are thankful for his job
and for the great company he works for.
We won't complain.

He is ALMOST finished with his MBA.
In order to finish, they require the students to travel on a 
foreign business excursion.
He was gone for over two weeks.
This is long.
To break it up,
I took the kids to visit family.
The end of school really is a great time to miss.
End of the year testing is over and the parties had not yet started - 
so they didn't miss a thing.

Just in case you wonder how you survive 16 days alone with four boys,
I'm going to share with you a coping technique - go stay with your mom and pretend that real life doesn't exist. 
(Works like a charm until you get back home with twice the laundry and 1/2 the sleep you're used to.)

Las Vegas.
My brother Stafford's house.

What Women Want Expo with
Cherie (sis-in-law)
Jade and Ruby (nieces)
Children's Museum
Jade's dance recital

The boys all organized games in the different Children Museum Rooms for the little kids.
Here they organized the store, gave the kids money, and became the cashiers.

Dad and Porter mesmerized by a coin donation thingy
Swimming at the "Poo Palace"
aka Washington Recreation Center.

Visiting with Grandma Great - 90 years old.
Grandma made the boys all feel special.
She asked each one about themselves - the things that were important to them.
Then she told them stories from the past that would interest them.
Earlier in the day I went over to talk to her.
She talked about things that interested me and pertained to my life.
She always tries to teach and advise during the discussions, 
but the truth is, that what she says is good advice - timeless advice based on human nature.
She understands people.
Later that night, Warrick commented on how Grandma Great always makes him feel so happy.
She is a great lady and a blessing for a grandma.


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