Steroids and a Cookbook

For years I've had to modify my yoga poses to accommodate my wrists.
They hurt if I put pressure on them.
I've tried everything.
A Massage - aka heaven, but it didn't help
Essential Oils
A Deep tissue massage - aka Brazilian torture (the therapist is from Brazil)
Chiropractor who had a special procedure to help ganglion cysts - nothing.
And even a Chinese Mystery Paste.
So I finally went to an osteopathic doctor who specializes in wrists.

He was nice.
But before I knew it, I agreed to let him give me a shot of steroids to the wrist.
Going into a doctor's office and getting a procedure that I had not researched to death is not my style.
But I did it
and almost immediately felt a touch or regret.
I probably would have ended up researching and coming back and doing it,
but I like to know exactly what is happening and why before it happens.

As I drove home, pain began to spread from the wrist into my hand and forearm.
It was a dull heavy pain.
There is extra fluid in the joint so that can cause pain.
It should subside soon.
I hope this was the right decision.

I would love to have my wrist back and to be able to do some hand balance poses that I've been longing to do again.

I put on a wrist brace and it seemed to help.
I'm pretty sure this is the adult psychological equivalent of a band-aide.
Suddenly, it just felt better.

The cookbook in the background is my favorite these days.
The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner.
I have seen her show on BYU TV, but never thought I'd like her system.
It has been revolutionizing.
I've used a bunch of recipes from it and have never had such a "go-to" book.
I've tried her spaghetti sauce, chicken tacos, white sauce, butter rolls, baguettes, french bread, garlic bread, beef tacos, homemade pizza, pot roast - all delicious.
I'm working on making her recipes even more healthy while maintaining my kids' affinity for the dish.
I've been reading lots of books about family dinner time.
This is a priority for me.
I want to make good food that the kids are excited about - excited to come home for.
I like cooking from scratch and knowing what's in the food.
But the best part is creating a positive atmosphere around the table - something much easier to have when everyone loves the meal.

Glenn is gone tonight so we are going to have lasagna and homemade garlic bread and greek salad.


azandersens said…
I'm, I got a steroid shot today in my foot! Only my doc said, how about we try a steroid shot, and I said, sure! Then I called the office after I got home to make sure it was safe for breastfeeding...after I fed one of the twins. Don't worry, it is.;) I don't like the aches and pains of getting older. Also, I love the food nanny! I haven't tried a lot of her recipes, but I like her fired up ma n cheese, her bow tie pasta that has tomatoes and capers, and the Italian dish with red potatoes and green beans.

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