The Power of Intention and Snakes

Stafford will not stop thinking/talking about hunting for snakes.
He wants to skin them and sell the skins.
 On Sunday we went for a walk and assured him we would tell him if we saw a snake.
We have not seen many snakes while living in this home.
Since moving into this house over four years ago, we've seen two maybe three - and they were little.
Just as I was putting the kids to bed, I heard voices coming from our front yard.  
I looked out to see our neighbors standing next to the biggest snake I've ever seen in the wild.  
4 plus feet and 3 inches in diameter - a blow snake.

Not sure what I think about "The Power of Intention", but Staff has been relentlessly looking for snakes and then right in our driveway, there is a huge one.
and slightly disturbing.


LeAnn said…
Did you let Stafford catch it? Seriously, come to our house. I bet my husband would pay him to take away the snakes in our yard. He hates them. They aren't that big though. However, They are pretty easy to find, mostly in the morning out sunning themselves by our retaining wall.
Kelly said…
I told Stafford that Ezra had lots of snakes in his yard. He would LOVE it.

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