I Miss My Mom

My mom came to visit at the end of last week.

We watched Porter's track meet.

We went to BYU Women's Conference.

And just enjoyed time together.

My mom is light hearted.  I love that about her.  She naturally doesn't take things too seriously.  She didn't complain and is probably one of the easiest people in the world to get a long with.

She is friendly.  She talks to others.  She gives strangers compliments.  She tells them how cute their kids are.  She smiles.

One woman on a bus next to my mom started telling her about her problems.  Everyone has hard lives.  That woman didn't know that my mom just had 6 rounds of chemotherapy and was wearing a wig.  Mom cheered her on and gave her encouragement.

When she left, I missed her.  I missed her spirit.  I think in a very, very, very small way, that is how the Nephites must have felt when Christ left them.  What a blessing in our lives are people who, through their goodness, we can feel we understand Christ a little better.  Those are the people that when the bell tolls for them, it tolls for all mankind.

Both grandmas got to see Porter run.

Mom helped with crafts at Home Depot before she left.


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