Snake Business

When I told Stafford that my friend frequently sees snakes at her house
and that she doesn't like them,
and that she would love for someone to remove them,
he started asking me several times a day if we could go over there.

And so,
our snake hunting
has expanded to a new level.

I'm thinking he should pass out a flyer around town.
"Snake Busters"

He was ready with his dad's work gloves 
a helmet box to contain the thing
and a no-nonsense attitude.
Just like all of our 
we saw nothing.

I keep hoping that each hunt will satiate his hunting instinct and he will move on 
or that he will become bored with the whole thing,
but no such luck.

So, if you find a little slithery thing in your neighborhood,
Who ya gonna call?

At your service.


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