The last few days of school

Christian's band concert.

 Porter's teachers - the blondes are sisters
and did a magical thing this year.
Porter has actually really liked school.
When I kept him home for a strep throat,
he said he was "school sick" instead of homesick.
He missed school!
His teachers were sisters and he spent half day with one and half with the other.
They were fun, light hearted and understood boys.
A blessing!!!

Some of Porter's friends
Cameron O, Duncan H, Ryder, Porter, Seth R. 

This teacher, Mrs. Hylton, was also a blessing.
The improvements that I saw in Stafford's reading and writing was AMAZING.
He needed this gentle woman to be his teacher.
She has the softest voice,
is always telling the kids how smart they are,
and is so organized and gifted with children.

This year has flown by and has been our families best so far as far as school goes.
It's a crazy thing that you leave your kids with strangers for a good part of the day and simply hope for the best and I don't know who I'll get next year, 
but this year I have loved seeing my children thrive.

I don't have a picture of Warrick with his teachers, but they were wonderful too.
One of his teachers was just finishing chemo for breast cancer as my mom started her journey.
His teacher talked to my mom on the phone and was a support and blessing.

Christian's first taste of Jr. High

The beginning of school

Stafford's first taste of elementary school
and his dear teacher.


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