Little Wild Horse Canyon

This is the best hike for families!
And it has made it into my top ten favorite hikes of any kind.
Coming from Southern Utah, 
I'm used to red rock and fun rock formations.
Still, I was in awe of this hike.
It's pretty much flat.
It's shaded most of the time.
And the changes in rocks keeps everyone entertained.

Toward the beginning of the hike, 
there was this circular crater.
Apparently, it wasn't there in the past - it just formed in the last year.
There was a quick and scary way to go around the pit
and a longer, less scary way to go around.
Stafford, Porter and I went the long way.

Glenn, Warrick and Christian went the short way.

The part where they had to jump from ledge to ledge helped me make my route decision.

Stafford busted out some moves on a ledge.
Lion King meets the Macarana.
I loved this hike.
We walked for over an hour,
sat and ate trail mix,
then walked back down.


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