Aspen Grove - Day 4

Breakfast - when you catch a fish, you take it to the chef and he cooks it for you.

Sometimes the boys would come back from their classes with crafts or their faces painted.

This night was frontier night.
Old fashioned games, a train and snow cones.

This night turned out to be my favorite night.
We got rained out of frontier night so I grabbed some board games and took them back to our cabin.
Porter, Warrick, Stafford and Glenn went down to the craft area and Glenn painted a cool mug and Porter painted the "Black Mug of Wonder".
Stafford and Warrick watched.
Christian and I decided to play "Life Stories", a board game where you draw cards and tell a story or memory or something depending on the card you draw.
I got to tell him some stories he didn't know and I enjoyed the stories he decided to tell.


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