This Week in Review



Registered Christian for Jr. High
Christian and Porter played with new friends we met at Aspen Grove
Christian starts tackle football and football camp

Dear friends (Barclays) from Canada visit and we remember how well we get along and how much we have in common.
We have some great laughs and now we're working on getting them to move here.

We travel to see another dear friend (Dorothy G.) who recently moved.
Oh, how I'm going to miss her and her family!
She is the type that leaves everyone better for knowing her.
There are several friends who make the trip and we talk and the kids play at Herriman Beach.

Cameron, Jared, Miles, Porter, and Christian's head in the middle

Then we watch Christian scrimmage in the last day of football camp.

Glenn starts coaching Porter's flag football team.
Warrick joins in and decides he does like football after all.
Christian gets his pads and wears them all over the house.

I try out the Farmer's Market in Mapleton.
Glenn and I get sandwiches from Zubs and take the 4-wheeler for a ride on West Mountain.


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