Warner Reunion in Boise

On Saturday we fit in a morning swim at our hotel before heading over to the Warner Reunion.
This was a reunion with Glenn's Mom's siblings.

We met at the church.
Met cousins.
Played games.
Ate food.

Then we all went to Aunt Rhodonna's and Uncle Jim's house to let the kids see how close they could get to getting injured without actually doing it on a HUGE slip and slide.
They did quite well.
Warrick got his cast off only a few days before so my heart stopped every time he would dive onto his belly.
There is nothing quite like the adrenalin rush you get from tempting fate.

Glenn's cousin, David, has four boys and one girl and another girl on the way.
Their first four kids are almost exactly the ages of my kids.
That always makes for a fun time.
I really wish we lived closer to them.
David's wife Tara was so fun to talk to and I could see us becoming great friends.

After the water slide, we floated the Boise River.

On Sunday we had church in a park.
This is our second church meeting in the great outdoors in the last couple of weeks and I've decided it is the way to go.

After church we went to visit Glenn's Grandma Leah Warner.
She gave us Popsicles.
That was a full circle moment since the first time I met her, she did the same thing.

Her room was filled with pictures of family.
Pictures of church.
It really spoke about who she is.
My boys really enjoyed talking to her and I'm glad they got to get to know her a little better.

As we were leaving she said, "Have a good life" and "I love you".
It was then that we realized what a strange situation we were in.
We're not sure if we will ever see her again in this life.
What do you say to a person in those circumstances?
I've since decided that those words, while simple and plain, were great words to hold onto 'til we meet again.


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