Grandma Holman

My grandma is a special lady.
She is wise
gracious, and
She is aware and observant to people and why they do the things they do.

She tells lively stories full of experiences from decades of living.
Last July she told the boys about her four brothers and their service in WWII.
Christian has repeated the stories to others several times. (Those two are actually two peas in a pod.)
And then she listened intently to each boy tell their stories as though they were saying the most wonderful tales.
She watched me for a week when I was in 7th grade when my parents were on a trip.
We started playing Skip-Bo on a daily basis with her and her friend Hank.  We had some great laughs and I learned that her laugh is contagious.  I remember laughing to tears.  Some days when I'd come home from school, she and Hank would be at the card table with the cards dealt out, waiting for me.  (I wonder how long they had been sitting there.) 

My grandma always makes you feel important.
She tells you all sorts of positive and good things about yourself that you usually have to pay people to say.  She does it all for free.

I used to call her while I was in college just to talk.
I still do.

My grandma has shown me the strong influence a grandma can have in a child's life that can continue into adulthood.
I'm grateful for my grandma and for her love and support.


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