Here are some reasons I'm loving this program.
I think it's a good skill to have that I hope they never need to use.
They can all attend classes at the same time which saves my time.
The classes are in Orem and last 90 minutes.  Orem has great shopping and that gives me just enough time to get some done.  
I can see them gaining confidence each week that they attend classes.  
The coaches are so nice, patient and complementary.
They were so proud when they got their belts; the coaches made a big deal of it.

Our first belt ceremony

The boys in front of the scary, mean, skeleton muscle man.
We love this place.
As tough as they are during classes, I had to smile when I checked on them that night.  All of them, except for Christian, had their belt close by as they slumbered.
Porter's is harder to find, but it's gray and white on the desk.
Stafford even went the extra mile and put his in a baggie and wore it EVERYWHERE the next day.
And then told everyone we met, "I'm a real ninja.  I'm not kidding.  I have a belt."
We really do have a bed for Stafford but some nights he opts to sleep on the floor.


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