Aspen Grove - The final day

The last day the kids performed the songs they had been practicing during a final show.
Side note:
The girl next to Warrick on his left is Napoleon Dynamite's niece.  
Her dad is Napoleon's identical twin brother.
Glenn and I found ourselves standing in his general area to hear what he would say.
He is so funny.
We had a bunch of laughs with him.
Only we never talked to him - just stood close by.
Complete geeks, but we enjoyed every minute of it.
His voice also sounds like his brother's - a little imagination and you're right there in the movie, almost.

Stafford's councilors

One our favorite parts of the week is the family dance.
The counselors are there and the families dance to old and new songs.
They even played the song that Napoleon dances to in the movie.
We all kind of gravitated to Napoleon's brother.
He humored us and did some of the moves.
Without shame I filmed him on Glenn's phone.

Warrick spent his time dancing with his counselor and I spent my time doing the robot. 

After the family dance they have a teen dance and kick everyone else out.
Christian and Porter stayed up late playing with their new friends.
Christian was on his way back to the cabin.
Porter and I were just a bit in front of him.  
We played the ol' jump out of the bushes trick.
Nothing like an adrenalin rush right before bedtime.


azandersens said…
I want a pic of Napoleon's brother. Don't you know the trick of standing in front of him and pose like Glenn is taking a picture of you?
Kelly said…
Oh had we only thought of that. Actually we thought we'd be brave and just ask if he'd be in a picture with us. It's easy talk big. It never seems like a good idea once you get next to them. Pretty pathetic that the best picture we have is of his daughter.

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