Aspen Grove - Day 5

 Hike Day
All the age groups for hikes on this day. 
Usually the kids go to classes in the morning and then meet up with us for 1.5 hours for lunch and free time and then go back to classes for 1-3 hours for the afternoon.
On this day they take the kids on a hike and so the kids leave at 9:30 and don't meet back until 4:30.
The parents are free to go downtown, hike or whatever.

This is a picture Stafford took of one if his friends.

Glenn and I went on a hike to some waterfalls and ate the lunch the kitchen packed for us.

Later Glenn's parents came up for half a day.
He and his parents made wood pens on lathes. 
While I sat next to the river and read.
Throughout the week I was able to read an entire novel called "Deep Cover".
Its a spy novel with a touch of romance.
Perfect for an easy vacation read.


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