Lagoon - Take One

At first the three older boys went with Glenn on the bigger rides and
Stafford and I played on the smaller rides.

Our day started out calm and peaceful.
A joyful ride on the little whale

the sky-ride

and the train.

And then something unexpected happened.

We realized that he was tall enough for the larger rides.

 His first ride on a real roller coaster - The Colossus.
Suddenly Willy the Whale wasn't quite as fun as it used to be.
His entire world was changed at that moment.

During the ride I looked over to see how he was doing and the G forces had pulled his head so far down that it was on his lap and he was in a tiny ball.
I had to reach over and push his forehead back.
Despite the great view of his shorts, he still kept yelling, "That was AWESOME!"


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