A creative toy that you already have and that isn't connected to power!

Two days ago,
Stafford had an idea to make a city out of Lego pieces.
I helped him rummage through the Lego bin for appropriate pieces.
Then I let him be.
I cam back to a green square filled with roads, sidewalks, houses, cars, a school bus, a mountain, trees, people, bunnies, chickens, eggs, elk, and even a cougar.
They were all abstract figures, made of squares - 
kind of like Minecraft.
But each piece had a defining characteristic that make it different from the other pieces.
He played with this for hours.
Pretend play.
Warrick joined him and they made him his own house and gave him his own animals.

Stafford's friend came over and it kept them busy for a LONG time.
James R.

I'm loving it!


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