This is one of the best meals

About once or twice a year Glenn makes Swedish Meatballs.

We had a friend whose grandmother was Swedish (unknown to us) eat these at our house once.  She said they are the most authentic she had ever tasted - just like her grandmother's.

These are good, but they are labor intensive.

Glenn starts the process.

He enlists the help of the boys.
Warrick is in the background eating sticky toffee pudding.

Warrick joins, but first must put on a tough guy show.

Porter makes sure that Warrick washed his hands really well before he'll allow a meatball to be passed to him.

Warrick passes the clean hand check, but is still trying to be tough.
He'd laugh and then try to get back into character in time for the next picture.
Porter starts to ham it up.

Porter's poses get out of control and Christian thinks that Porter's gooey hands touched his hair.

Christian is now certain that there has been contact with his hair.
Porter, oblivious to Christian's squirming, is still working it for the camera.

Christian is grossed out and letting Porter know about it.
This calms Porter down a bit.

Christian gets over it and the mound of meatballs is almost complete.


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