Five Down - One to Go

Mom completed her fourth round of chemotherapy on Thursday.
She is strong.
She is quick to laugh.  We have had several good laughs lately.
They say you really get to know someone when you are around them when they are ill.
My mom is quiet when she hurts
and doesn't complain.
She is kind and patient
and still making jokes and smiling.
She is brave
and still gives anything she can think of giving to those she loves.
She is full of service - still making meals for others when she can.
Still shopping and still working - two things she loves.
And still able to talk on the phone for which I'm grateful.

And the path of life moves forward.

Porter, Warrick and Stafford leave for the school bus before I can get home from taking Christian to Jr. High.
I usually look down the hill and see their heads bobbing up and down as they run together.
Today they left their story in the snow.
Porter was weaving as he ran and Stafford followed in Warrick's footsteps.


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