The Wedding

You know the plan about having the boys pack their own bags?
Well, when Stafford pulled out his church pants, it turns out he packed a pair of Warrick's
Just a bit too big.
He wasn't happy about it.
After tightening the waist and then adding some thick soled shoes, it was hardly noticeable.

The wedding breakfast

There was some down time at the breakfast.
The boys were beside themselves with wonder of what a person should do without electronic entertainment.
Glenn and I started in on the, "When we were young we didn't have ipods or the internet and the only thing our phones did were call people and they were hooked to the wall!"
This was followed by unimpressed stares.
We explained that we did things like Rock, Paper Scissors or played I Spy.
So Glenn, jumping into the spirit of things, challenged Porter to a staring contest.
For the record, I have never seen the draw to a staring contest.
What is fun about keeping your eyes opened so long they hurt so badly you have to close them?
So in the spirit of fun and in the heat of competition, Glenn won, but not before his eyes were read and crying.
This is a picture of Glenn after the win and before the blink.
If you could see the small lakes that lined his eyes, you would be enjoying this as much as Porter was.
"Boys, this is what we call fun!"

The high school where Kyle Van Noy played football was across the street so we took a few moments to touch the field.

"If you touch the temple, the temple will touch you."  -President Monson
Every time we go to a new temple, we have the boys touch it.
We'll take all the help we can get.
Reno, Nevada Temple

Chatting with Granddad


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