Stake Conference

Remember Glenn teaching the boys about having fun without electronics?
Good because I blame that.
Somewhere in the middle of the two hour meeting, the boys must have been scrambling for something to do - something to entertain their minds.  
(Listening would have been great, but...)
Warrick turned to me with a big smile, but his eyes were FULL of tears.
"We're having a staring contest and I haven't blinked!"
As I took the picture he was saying, with pure delight, 
"They don't even hurt anymore!"
His eyes reached saturation point and started releasing tears.
He was so proud of himself - the reward of self-control.

Then Stafford decided to try.
If you look closely at Warrick, you can see the liquid still in his eyes.
He still hadn't blinked.

I tried to explain that this was probably not the best activity.
I think we forgot to read the chapter in parenting about teaching your kids non-painful boredom busters.


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