My Double Life

Glenn and I have always loved denim quilts.
Since we were first married, the plan was that I was going to make us one.  
For years I have been saving worn out jeans in a big box for this very purpose.
Then, just a few months ago, I had a reality check.
Who was I kidding?
I don't do things like make quilts.
I don't sew and I don't do crafty things.
I felt the liberation of letting go and being true to myself.
I tossed every one of those cute little boy jeans with the knees worn to holes.

weeks later,
a friend of mine said she had lots of extra jeans that I could use to make a quilt.
We went out to dinner as couples and
Glenn mentioned that we don't have any blankets and that he's always cold.
This concerned her.
I quickly told her he was exaggerating - 
comments like that will get you on the sub for santa list.
We do have blankets.
sometime later,
the plan was set in place.
Everything aligned.
1.  I had a friend who was great at quilting and wanted to teach me and had free jeans.
2.  I had a husband who didn't have any blankets.

Soon my secret life began.
It started with a covert trip to JoAnn's to pick out the backing and get supplies.
Then for weeks we worked out our schedules so that I could come to her house to 
cut squares,
find the perfect layout for the squares,
sew the squares,
iron the squares,
connect the rows,
add the decals on the front,
connect the front and the back,
and finally sew the stitching.

It took a long time and Glenn had no idea!
He called me several times while I was over there.
Sometimes I'd forget myself like when I poked my finger with a pin while we were talking.
I said, "Ow!"
He asked if I was okay.
Remaining vague, I assured him that everything was fine.

Another time, he called and he said something that I thought my friend, who was right next to me, would find interesting.  So I told her right then with him on the phone.  She reminded me with frantic motions that I really shouldn't be there talking to her.  So then I had to backtrack and pretend that I was talking to myself.  He bought it.  No questions.
(I guess I should be concerned that my behavior didn't surprise him - what does that mean?)

I got all the hand stitching done when I visited my parents just before Christmas.
It worked out well.
I spent a couple hours doing it while talking to my Grandma.
We had a great conversation,
talking like friends,
about life,
and memories.
As Mom rested in her chair, I'd join her in the family room and stitch away.
Then the last night I was in town, I spent my stitching hours at my sister-in-law's house.  
She was working on some last minute Christmas crafts.
There I was.
With my sister in law.
I had arrived.

The thing that surprised me most was that I actually enjoyed the whole process.
It was fun to try something new.
Develop new skills.
And the beauty was that I had time to do it!

So, Christmas morning I had Glenn open that gift first.
I couldn't wait.
It was folded with the heart on top.
He was so surprised!
Then when he found out that I had made it, he was even more surprised.
Super fun.
Here are the pictures.

King of the photo bomb.

Queen of the photo bomb

Thanks Angela!


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