Yesterday Evening

Porter working on his Pinewood Derby.
I'm thankful to have a husband who will help the boys.
Every dad has his strengths. 
This was not one of my dad's strengths,
but it is one of Glenn's strengths - for which I'm grateful.
Glenn is an engineer and his enthusiasm to fix and build has rubbed off on our sons.

Glenn Mod Podging our puzzle
(I just took the liberty to turn a noun, "Mod Podge", into a verb.  It feels good.)
Christian watching a "How To" video on the Internet
And then Christian trying to execute and follow the "How To" video
I was late getting dinner done so all of these things were being done when we should have been eating.
We had meatloaf that every person loved - a rarity.
With mashed potatoes that were left over from Sunday dinner.  
(Sunday we had the best beef stew EVER)
And Lettuce with my favorite little Cherry Tomatoes
(Porter said, "Meatloaf is what parents feed their kids when they have given up.")
Then Porter and Glenn rushed off to their basketball game and the rest of us cleaned up the kitchen.
(Glenn is coaching his team.)
Porter is wearing the red shorts.
Where was Stafford in all of this?
He had started pouting because he didn't have a Pinewood Derby car.
As his pouting sessions generally go, he wrapped himself in a blanket and hid somewhere only to be found asleep.
We woke him up with an episode of Duck Dynasty, fed him and then watched the end of Porter's game.


azandersens said…
1-I have two puzzles that need to be mod lodged! Please share your tutorial!
2-Sad to hear about the health problems your parents are experiencing. I don't like this parents-feting-older phase.
3- I can't believe the grunting in the bathroom story . . . but then again, I can! If you can't laugh about poop, there isn't much you can laugh at, I say. :)

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