A Business Venture

Porter and Warrick both  found Lego sets that they wanted and decided that one way to get money is recycling metal.
Right then they started a business together as partners.
Metal Collectors Inc.
Over several days they set out on several hunts - searching the countryside.
They needed a business center to store their goods and decided that in front of our house was a good place.
So they piled the rusty junk and beer cans just to the side of our garage.
It was a proud couple of days for me.
They waited for Take a Trip Tuesday. 
And when the time came, they loaded their spoils into the back of the van.
It only took a moment.
Then they proudly showed the worker what they had collected and waited for the grand total of their haul.


They put on their poker faces 
and got in the van.

By the time we went to cash in the receipt, they were able to chuckle a little bit about it.
The cashier even rounded up to $2.25.
They just made 12 cents without doing anything!
We gladly accepted the raise.
She gave each of them an Otter Pop which helped soothe their hearts.
Collecting the money
All's well that ends with an Otter Pop - I've always thought that.


LeAnn said…
I love it! We recycle our metal and I always giggle a little as I cash in my $2.00 receipt. But... they often have treats and the kids like to watch the aluminum can machine work. So it makes it all worth it!
Kelly said…
Glad I'm not the only one who will spend more in gas than what they actually earn!

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