Father's Day BBQ

I think I'm going to try to watch more home videos.
Last night I had a great experience while
we were watching an old video.  
One of our kids was doing the same things that he does now that makes me a little crazy at times.
But it was so cute to see those traits being displayed by a little guy.  Kind of like when you see a mini version of anything - it instantly becomes cute and adorable.
At that moment I was reminded of how fleeting childhood is.
I missed him being that size and doing that thing.
It seemed so innocent and a part of who he is.
And I became vividly aware that one day I will miss all the little annoyances.
I will miss the things that drive me crazy and as I thought of that video today, 
I found myself accepting these boys for who they are, 
trying to overlook their imperfections and focusing on their strengths.


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