Make It Monday

I've been trying for weeks to get up at 5:30 to get in some exercise before the day begins.
Today somehow I made it out the door!
Being outside on summer mornings is my favorite.
I love the sounds,
and feel.

The boys did their "Must Do" list and I did some things I needed to get done while I helped them with this and that.
Before I knew it, there were craft supplies ALL OVER the kitchen.
Warrick and Stafford were going to sell rocks that they had painted. 

Stafford got his inventory,
dragged our kitchen stools outside and set up shop in our back yard.
And waited for his first customer.

Warrick and Stafford became door to door salesmen.

They got to the next lot down the street and stopped for a water break.
Hydration is important.

It kept them busy for quite sometime and I was glad I didn't have to be involved. 
Selling people stuff increases my blood pressure. :)

The boys' thing as of late is making weapons out of noodles, duct tape and PVC pipe.
Quite fun.
And only one battle has ended in tears, yells and fights.

Christian and Porter are currently trying to figure out how they could sell them and make a profit.
We'll see what happens with that one.


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