Stafford's New Pets

Stafford caught a sugar ant in our backyard and asked to keep it as a pet.

I told him that was a great idea, but to remember our house rule, "No bugs can be in our house on purpose."

He fed it some bread because "ants love crumbs" and then he and Warrick found more ants to add to the collection.  They decided to eat lunch with their new pets.  (There is a small jar with a blue lid that is in between their two paper towels.)  They ate this way for awhile until Warrick got grossed out by seeing them swarming on the piece of bread and he went inside.
And this brings us to memory lane.
One summer, my brother Craig and I decided to make ant farms.  He told me to catch the red ants and he would get the black ants.  Seemed fair enough.  I learned really quickly why he didn't want the red ants.  I decided that there were enough black ants to go around and that we could both get black ants.  We put them in jars with lids and a bunch of dirt. I loved seeing all the tunnels they made.  Then, sadly, I think I spilled the jar in our family room.  Hence the reason I have the rule that no bugs can be brought in the house on purpose.


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