Wet Wednesday

We went to a water park and in the chaos that follows four boys and a friend as soon as they walk into a water park, I thought it was a good idea to have the 7 year old spray my back with sunblock.  I wasn't paying attention to where he was spraying, but it turns out that there were a few spots that he didn't quite get.
For the first swim suit appearance of the season, this was a very painful mistake.
Enter Aloe Vera Plant.

While we were at there, we had to sign a waver because Warrick had a cast on his arm.
I asked if we had to sign one if we signed one last year.
They were very serious teenagers at the first aid stand. She told me you have to do it every year.
I thought that was a funny thing to say and chuckled to myself because how many people have to sign one every year?
Maybe it's not as funny as I thought.
I quickly signed it and moved over so they could pass out band aids.


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