Everyday there is an adventure to be had.

Today's adventure started last night when Glenn saw a baby robin trapped under our trampoline.
He hoped none of the kids would see it and that it would find it's way out.
When the kids were jumping on the tramp to get the physical point of the day (see my Morning Must-Do List),
Porter found the little thing.
We called around to find out what you should do when you find a baby bird.
Apparently they are not like cats and if you touch them, their parents won't disown them.
The boys made all sorts of attempts to get him out.
In the center of the picture, it looks like a leaf, but it's not.
Finally they got the baby out and put it in one of my storage bins.
I'm not sure where they got the bin, but I have a feeling there is a pile of stuff sitting somewhere that used to be in the bin.
It kept opening it's mouth so we fed the little bird berries (thanks to an internet tip).
We transferred it to a clear storage bin that could be cleaned easier when it pooped.
We put the bin and bird in the shade and prepared to "Take a Trip" to the splash pad.
We were all in the car and I took my routine trip back to the house to get "one last thing".
I glanced out at the baby bird and saw two adult robins outside the container with worms in their beaks.
They could see the bird, but just couldn't figure out how to get their baby some food.
What great parents!
I fell in love with those robins and forgave them for always chasing away the Blue Jay from our backyard.
I told the boys that the best thing for our little guy was to let him go free and to see if his parents could help him survive.
So that's what we did and then headed for the splash pad in town.

After grilled salmon, quinoa, and salad, we took a bike ride down the canyon.

turkey photo op

Do you remember when we were on our way to the splash pad and I ran back into the house for one last thing?
Well, I'm really wishing it would have been sunscreen
because I came home from yoga class to find Stafford in tears. 
His back and shoulders were bright red.
He had never had a bad burn like this and kept saying it was scratchy.
Remember this plant? We've been through a lot together.
I call it the Giving Tree.
Two weeks ago I faithfully put it on my sunburn
and it was a bad sunburn - you know, slightly purple and blistered?
With this plants magic slime, I DIDN'T EVEN PEEL.
That was amazing to me.
In the past I have used the bottled aloe and really felt it helped,
but this stuff 
is WAY better.
I'm a believer.
Can I get an amen?
Check out these leaves.
This is what I'm hoping will help Porter and Stafford's poor little backs.


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