Glimpses of Everyday Life

Porter and Warrick played all day together today.  (Stafford was happy to tag along)
They made up a solution of Miracle Grow and fed Porter's cabbage plant and then transplanted Warrick's plant to a bigger pot.  Warrick bought the plant with his own money and is quite dedicated to it.

Then they decided they would make a "rabbit run", similar to a dog run, for Theo.
They worked on this for a LONG time.
I suggested that maybe the sides were a bit low.
My concern was noted, but ignored.
Then they hooked it to the cage and tried it out.
Turns out the sides were too low.
Then they spent about two hours trying to get Theo out from under the deck.
Finally they had to call in the big dog (Christian) to get him.

Inspired by the Tropicana Orange Juice bottle,
they decided to try drinking OJ by poking a straw in the orange.

Lunch menu - whatever I can find put on a divided plate.
This day they had ham, yogurt, cheese, strawberries, and raspberries

Another day we had chips and salsa, salad, left-over pasta.


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