Cakes Baked in an Orange

Despite the sand ending up in my house, I still love our sandbox.  It keeps the boys busy for hours.
They created some water system which then turned into a volcano ready to erupt.
I heard the kids say, "It's ready. Go get Mom!"
I'm so glad that my kids still come and get me when they create something they feel is cool.
I'm glad that they still want to impress me with their "stuff".
They held off the volcano explosion until I was present.
I was honored.
When Glenn got home we ate chicken and rice soup and then made cakes that were cooked in tinfoil over hot coals.
My kids ate one bite and opted to just eat cake batter instead.
Update- We tried the oranges again with the youth of our church and it was a success.  The changes that were made were that we used chocolate cake batter and made sure that the cakes were not directly on top of the coals.  They cooked for about 30 minutes and were just right.


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