Make It Monday - Dinner, Beads and a Van

Today I made dinner.
The boys made bead crafts.
Glenn made our van door work (or at least started the process).

I took dinner to a friend that needed a break from making dinner.  
I made Pasta al Forno.  
It is a great meal to take to another family because it has mild flavors and it's easy.
Pair it with garlic bread and a salad and it's a done deal.

The boys made those bead crafts that you iron.
Warrick made a dog to give to my above mentioned friend since her 14 year old dog died recently.
Unfortunately, I ruined it while ironing it.
Note to self: Sometimes skimming the directions isn't good enough.
Stafford made her a parrot, because...?

Our van door has been broken for years.
About 6 years ago, I had it open and decided to pull into our garage.
I hadn't calculated the fact that an open van door increases the width of the vehicle by several inches.
(I've never been good at mental math.)
This van door incident as well as running over our cat, are incidents that my boys like to remind me of often.
They say things like, "Mom remember when you ran over Lightning?"
"Yeah, me too."
"Please pass the salt."
If you want details, ask my kids.  Actually don't because then they will ask me again why I ran her over and why I ran the van into the garage.  
Those are things I can't seem to explain to them.
So as I was saying, the reason I was bringing up the van door is because now that we are running more carpools, we are tired of telling people to go around to the working door.
So after 6 years, it dawned on us that maybe we could get it fixed.
We're smart like that.

Now I'm going to gush a little.
I'm going to tell you some things that I think are amazing about my husband.
He is so good at fixing things!
So good that if anything breaks during the day, the kids say, "Dad will fix it."
They don't even bother with me.
That's okay.
It saves us all some trouble.
He has learned how to wire a house, fix about everything on a car, cut hair, fix wounds - deeps wounds, he has even highlighted my hair with the foil strips.  
Have I ever mentioned he's a good cook too?
Well, he is.
I could go on, but will just mention one more thing.
He's smart, detail oriented, persistent and brave.
And because of these things he is currently fixing our van door.
It is a big job.
He doesn't know how, but he's going to try.
I love that about him!
I'm always amazed that he is willing to jump into projects that he has no prior experience, but figures with YouTube and a little research that he can figure it out.
So Glenn's Make it Monday was making our van door work.


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