Happy Birthday Fawn!

The boys came running to me to tell me that there was a baby deer in our backyard.
Sure enough.
I have never seen one that small.
Photo opp.
After I took the picture I realized that today was my sweet high school friend's birthday.
Now for the crazy part.
Her name is Fawn.
I told you it was crazy.
So then I started throwing rocks at the little thing.
Just kidding.
It ran away on it's own accord.


cwdunaway said…
It was a sign for sure. I'm not sure what kind of a sign it was, but it was a sign. I'm missing all my friends as we're stuck in yucky Phx for the 4th. Boo! Never again, I tell ya.
azandersens said…
Oops, my mom was signed into her account when I posted that. Here's to a fun 4th next year . . .
Kelly said…
Yes! Next year. I can't wait to meet those two little cuddle bumps.

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