Friend Friday

Friend Friday didn't happen. 
I kept waiting for the boys to ask to invite their friends over, but they never did.
Here are the highlights of the day.
To put it nicely, Porter doesn't enjoy reading.
To get him to "read" 20 minutes a day I allowed him to get a book on tape and to follow along in the book.  
This has been a wonderful compromise.
He LOVES it.
He is listening to the Middleworld series and says it's the best book he's ever read.
Christian got pulled into the story by just over hearing it.
Christian started his first football camp.
It is hosted by Timpview High.
They have successfully brainwashed him as he has declared that he thinks he likes the T-birds better than the Devils.
This was a spontaneous dance outbreak in Costco.
Imitating Dr. Coconut from Phineas and Ferb.
Hoarding the Costco berries.
If you ask me, that is the strangest game.
They moan and groan about being squished and then wait to be squished again.


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