Chalk Potions

We bought plants at the local nursery and planted them - double crossing our fingers on that one.
I have not had a lot of success with gardening like my mother before me and the mother before her.
I'm not sure if my great grandmother was a great gardener, but I assume at some point one of my ancestors had to have been a decent gardener.  
They were pioneers and I know they survived long enough to have children, so they must have been decent.
So in the name of my ancestor that must have been a good gardener, even though I don't know the name, Warrick and I planted tomato and pumpkin plants, some pretty flowers for our pot on our porch and I even transplanted my beloved aloe vera plant to a bigger pot.

The impromptu activity of the day was making "chalk potions".
Tonight we are eating Mini-Murphs. 
And then we're watching a movie.
Christian got back from scout camp and Glenn is finishing up his last weekend of school before a 6 week break.
Should be a good weekend. 


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